NGCL Colombia Brazil 450g

NGCL Colombia Brazil 450g

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Löfberg's NGCL Colombia Brazil represents the next generation of coffee and is a medium roast coffee with a delightful fruity essence and cocoa undertones in its well-balanced aftertaste. It complements round and mild flavors exceptionally well, making it a perfect addition to your coffee routine.

The coffee beans come from Ana-Maria and young farmers in Antioquia, Northwest Colombia, blended with meticulously chosen Arabica beans from Brazil.


◦ Round and mild flavors

◦ Fruity flavor and hints of cocoa

Coffee Origin:

◦ Sourced from Antioquia, Northwest Colombia

◦ Cultivated by young farmers with carefully selected Brazilian Arabica beans


◦ Fairtrade certified (product label dedicated to upholding human rights)

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